Measure Customer Satisfaction with Video Surveys

Efrat Moshkoviz July 30, 2015
Measure Customer Satisfaction with Video Surveys

Brands that engage their customers with personalized video have the opportunity to collect feedback at different stages in the customer journey as part of the video experience. Surveying video viewers provides useful data on customer sentiment and satisfaction with not only the personalized video, but with the product and brand as well. Surveys can also provide a baseline for user experience optimization.

Implementing surveys at the end of personalized videos have helped our customers identify and improve upon things like:

  • How effective the personalized video message is in achieving your objective
  • The impact of personalized video engagement on NPS
  • How customers perceive your brand after viewing the video
  • Feedback and other information the company otherwise may never have heard


We’ve compiled the following best practices and guidelines for surveying video viewers to help you maximize survey efficacy. From types of questions to avoid, to where to place the survey, to how to format your answer choices, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve also analyzed survey submission rates across a variety of industries, devices and engagement use cases. Benchmarking these survey metrics allows you to understand the effectiveness of your personalized video surveys.

Check out the below SlideShare for all the best practices: