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How Telcos Drive Business Impact with Personalized Video Advertising [White Paper]

Dierdre Mills May 6, 2015
Advertising Customer Acquisition Telecommunications

Historically, video has been viewed as a pure brand-building medium for telecommunications marketers, with success defined by awareness indicators such as eyeballs, gross rating points and impressions. However, as telco providers incorporate customer data into video and develop personalized video advertising strategies, video moves beyond simple brand building and crosses into the performance world. Personalized video can now be held accountable for performance objectives, such as conversions and revenue, while also delivering measurable brand impact.


The second installment in our white paper series, How Telcos Can Derive More Value from Personalized Video Advertising, explains how to set up a personalized video advertising program that drives business impact and long-term success.

Every personalized video ad program starts with effective monitoring and targeting. According to a 2015 BrightRoll survey of U.S. ad agencies, targeting capabilities are the most valuable benefit of online video advertising. Before launching an ad program, on-site visitor behavior should be tracked and monitored, then coupled with profile, historical and situational data to build an effective targeting pool and ensure that the right audience is reached.

Not only is it important to reach the right audience, but also it’s critical to serve the appropriate story to each individual viewer. Rather than showing the same video ad to all viewers, technology exists that enables telco marketers to deliver ads that are personalized to each viewer on a one-to-one basis. Each story can vary based on any number of first- and second-party data elements gathered about the individual.

Audience targeting, story selection and content are ineffective without leveraging programmatic buying. A programmatic approach has proven to provide the best advantage, as it allows telco marketers to identify target viewers and serve personalized video ads according to a viewer’s attributes in real time.

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