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Brand Advocacy – And How Emotion Plays A Major Role

Kelly Gentile Aug 28, 2017 Solutions Marketing Manager
Best Practices Customer Experience Customer Loyalty

Brand advocacy is often seen as the pinnacle of a brand-customer relationship since it elevates loyalty into actual promotion, and many believe the key difference between loyalty and advocacy is emotion. SundaySky CEO Jim Dicso recently shared his opinion on why emotions are a crucial part in creating brand advocates on a guest post titled “Why emotion is crucial to create brand advocates – and what you can do about it” on the publication Marketing Land. In the piece, he explains that most brands know the importance of personalization in today’s market, but the one thing they’re getting wrong is that they aren’t making sure to include the personal part of personalization. In other words, brands aren’t analyzing the meaning behind why they include each data point that they do when personalizing a touchpoint, and this, in return, leads to very impersonal personalization that adds no real value for the customer. He then goes on to highlight the common mistakes brands are making when trying to tackle this problem and explains how they can ensure that they are on the right track.