Follow Best Practices to Encourage Mobile Insurance Use

One of the biggest obstacles for insurers today is the low adoption rate of mobile sites and apps. For this mobile insurance strategy playbook report, Forrester spoke with insurance eBusiness teams around the world to identify best practices that will help you master the art of designing, building, and promoting mobile sites and apps that customers and agents will use.

Personalized videos cure phone-bill shock

When you think of your phone or Internet provider, the words “great customer service” probably don’t come readily to mind. But that’s what some customers of US telecommunications giant AT&T are saying when they get their bills. That’s because AT&T provides personalized video explanations of those bills, built by under-the-radar Israeli startup SundaySky.

A Look Around the Corner

Now that it’s clear where tv and video are going in the near future, it’s easy to sit back and say the future is sorted out, no need to look further. Just stand by and wait for the long-heralded ‘ a la carte’ future to be built and deployed. But that would miss the fun part. Not the near future, but the future that waits just around he corner.

Top 3 tips to improve digital engagement

A strong presence as part of the message and tone of a digital campaign has always been important for brands; the key is to have that presence without being directly in the consumer’s face. Whether the iPhone makes a few short cameos as part of the everyday life of families, or the Nike sneakers worn by a marathon runner simply appear at the close of TV spot, ads in North America are dominated by the brand and the brand’s story.