Atlantis Paradise Island Enhances Its Guest Experience with Personalized Video

Rachel Eisenhauer July 07, 2015
Atlantis Paradise Island Enhances Its Guest Experience with Personalized Video

Guests at Atlantis Paradise Island enjoy pristine white-sand beaches, deluxe accommodations, the world’s largest open-air marine environment and many more amenities. Atlantis wanted to drive anticipation and deeper engagement with guests before they even set foot on the island, so the resort partnered with SundaySky to enhance its pre-arrival period with personalized video at multiple touch points (download the case study here).

Personalized video enables Atlantis to assist guests in booking activities and fully preparing for their vacations, while delivering a much-desired “wow” factor. Says Adam Darnell, executive director of CRM at Atlantis, “SundaySky’s SmartVideo has not only transformed our communication with guests before they vacation with us, but initiated a strategic way for us to think about our communication throughout our customer lifecycle.”

The Personalized Experience

Atlantis delivers personalized video stories via email at three different touch points between trip booking and a guest’s arrival. The videos recap the accommodations and trip package, then encourage guests to use Atlantis’ online planning tool to add activities to their travel plan, make advance restaurant reservations and upgrade their rooms.

Atlantis Customer Experience

The video scenes, content and creative assets are personalized to the viewer both overtly and subtly. For instance, in addition to overt personalization elements such as the guest’s name and booking details, a family with young children staying at one of Atlantis’ family-friendly accommodations will receive a video with a different look and feel than the video a couple who booked a luxurious suite at The Cove receives. Each video is generated in real time from the moment the viewer presses play, ensuring the story is up-to-date based on actions the viewer has taken. For example, if a guest books a dolphin interaction after watching the first video, the scene will then be excluded in favor of one that prioritizes the next best action for the guest.

Take a look at an example personalized video. The engaging creative design fully leverages the brand’s existing assets, images and video clips within the personalized video. 

Lifting Engagement and Revenue

Atlantis already had a strong pre-arrival email campaign, but incorporating personalized video delivered even more value: email open rates increased, click-through rates climbed drastically, and website visits increased by 129 percent. The lift in site visitation is especially important to Atlantis, as guests who visit the site can better familiarize themselves with the property and book additional activities before arrival. Furthermore, Atlantis saw significant lift in guest spend and therefore revenue, with a 9 percent increase in overall trip spend among guests who received a video.

“Our guests love the personalized, exciting nature of SmartVideo, and we see true value and revenue impact to our business, largely due to the fact that SundaySky is entirely committed to our success,” says Darnell.

By altering the experience and messaging for individual guests, Atlantis ensures high viewer engagement and ultimately, can drive the key desired actions of increased dining and activity reservations, room upgrades and on-property spending.

Download the case study for the full story:

Download the Atlantis Paradise Island case study here