4 More Ways to Use Retargeted Video Ads for Customer Acquisition

Yaniv Axen October 29, 2012
4 More Ways to Use Retargeted Video Ads for Customer Acquisition

Retargeted advertising is not a new concept of performance advertising. And when you add online video, you meet the intersection of performance and brand advertising. Retargeted video advertising bridges these two ad disciplines and delivers the best of both worlds, proving to ‘outperform’ brand advertising and ‘outbrand’ performance advertising.

At the most basic level, SmartVideo for retargeted advertising brings back website abandoners. Yet the solution can play a key role in supporting strategic customer acquisition and engagement initiatives.

Here are four additional ways SmartVideo for Retargeted Advertising can drive customer acquisition and support engagement initiatives:

#1. Push cross-sell performance

Once a customer makes a purchase from your site, it’s just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. Drive further revenue by cross-selling to customers by retargeting based on recent purchases. By retargeting based on recent purchases, you can drive repeat orders, and ultimately, brand loyalty. When the customer completes a purchase, order confirmation and products purchased attributes are tracked. When the customer is later retargeted, a pre-roll video ad will present him or her with a “related item.”

#2. Boost customer lifetime value

Use retargeted video ads to promote loyalty programs and rewards to your customers. Customer segment and history attributes can be tracked so that video ads are generated to encourage various loyalty and reward programs. Some examples we’ve seen include “Sign-up for preferred customer status,” “Refer a friend for points,” and “Join us on Facebook.”

#3. Nurture prospects

Put the “smart” in SmartVideo to use by adapting and modifying video ads if your prospects and customers have already viewed them. Leverage visitor frequency attributes based on customer activity on site and video ads viewed in order to modify the video ad. If a visitor has already seen a retargeted ad for the last product viewed and did not take targeted action, then a different ad can be generated for the visitor. Or play the same ad, but include a special promotion.

#4. Drive new visitor traffic

Perform “look alike” targeting (sometimes referred to as audience extension) to bring new visitors to the site. By capturing all attributes related to successful retargeted video ad engagements, a “look alike” profile can be established for a target prospect, which can be used to target prospects that have not yet visited the site.

The time has come where online video advertising is no longer an extension of TV advertising. It no longer serves only brand objectives, but delivers on performance marketing, too. Some of the world’s largest and most innovative brands recognize this and have adopted a SmartVideo strategy to deliver engaging and effective experiences throughout the customer lifecycle. Execution of these strategies commonly begins with a retargeted advertising program focused on bringing consumers back to the site with personalized pre-roll ads. The result: true business impact that is consistently and effectively measured, and continually optimized to serve both performance and brand camps.