Online Video Provider SundaySky Announces Partnership With StudioNow, a Division of AOL Group

October 19, 2011

SundaySky, provider of automated online video production that is scalable, personalized and effective, announced a partnership agreement with StudioNow that will significantly extend SundaySky’s sales channel and introduce its video capabilities to new markets such as real estate, financial services, automotive sales and various retail segments.

The partnership with StudioNow has already yielded a new customer, ListingBook™, an online real-estate service. ListingBook will use the SundaySky platform to produce product showcase videos that are personalized for each user wishing to buy or sell a home.

“Businesses in nearly every market realize the power online video has in attracting prospects and converting them into buyers,” said Jim Dicso, President and Chief Revenue Officer of SundaySky. “Working with StudioNow to extend SundaySky’s capabilities to its customers and content properties will enable users to fully leverage the potential of automated, customized video generation.”

“StudioNow provides companies with the resources they need to create, manage and distribute premium video that connects with consumers and builds brands. By adding the SundaySky technology to our suite of services, we can offer clients a way to create dynamic, highly personalized video in real time so they can produce on an even larger scale,” said Roy Oron, Vice President of Global Business Development.