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Videofy Your Customer Journeys

Webinar on Wednesday, September 8 with SundaySky & Adobe

Consumers have less time to pay attention, and competing for their attention calls for competitive solutions. Video is among the most engaging media for customers today because the human brain is wired to consume it. To make an impact, brands must create digital experiences powered by video that resonate with customers on a deeper level. But to activate these experiences, brands need easier, simpler tools to create and deploy relevant video content at scale, orchestrated across every customer journey.

Join SundaySky and Adobe as we discuss: 

  • Why video is more important than ever as part of your customer journeys 
  • How to easily get started with video to accelerate content velocity that enhances your digital journeys 
  • How you can leverage your Adobe investments to activate video at scale

Featuring speakers: 

  • AMRITA JAIN, Director of Strategic Partnerships at SundaySky
  • BEN TEPFER, Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe 

Cut through the noise and orchestrate video for every customer journey with SundaySky and Adobe. 

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