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Localize, personalize, and scale video content—without increasing your budget

Your customers respond to video, especially when it speaks directly to them. But producing new video content and customizing it for different audiences—or individuals—can be time-consuming, expensive—and maybe even impossible. It’s no surprise that most marketing teams wish they had more budget for their video experience programs. 

What if you could produce more high-quality video in less time, and keep it fresh longer, without breaking your budget or expanding your team? Our resource kit on modular content explains how. It features a recent Forrester Report on modular content that covers:

  • A clear definition of content modules—and how they accelerate video and other content
  • How modular content streamlines content localization, syndication, and personalization
  • What some of the world’s biggest brands are doing with modular content

You’ll also get a video from Forrester Senior Analyst Nick Barber, who busts common myths about corporate video production and reveals how leading consumer- and business-facing brands are winning with video today.

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