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Every moment counts. Leading wireless carriers and MSO providers transform CX engagement with video-powered experiences (VX) that forge meaningful connections at key moments across customer journeys.

0% reduction in early life churn
0% reduction in service calls
0 point improvement in Net Promoter Score
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Authentic Results

With the SundaySky platform, it allows us to tell a story rather than a simple message. For about every dollar we spend, we see a return of about $10 worth of value.

Mark Lawson SVP, Digital Sales & Marketing at Cox Communications
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Convert New Customers

Guide new customers at every moment of choice and consideration in their purchase journey, easing their path and creating genuine and lasting relationships. Contextual and dynamic video-powered experiences (VX) respond to each new customers’ specific needs and wants, and help explain brand value and differentiation as they progress from new to loyal customer.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Drive conversion rates while lowering cost per acquisition
  • Accelerate purchase flow and buyer consideration
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Welcome & Onboard Customers

Every new customer deserves a warm welcome. Individualized video-powered experiences address every moment during the onboarding process to make new customers feel cared for and at home. Brands and service providers can combat buyer’s remorse by communicating benefits and value at the right times, and proactively minimize complexity by providing education on digital tools and resources to set expectations for the new relationship and improve customer retention.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Reduce call volume and contact center costs
  • Reduce pre-install cancel rates
  • Reduce early churn
  • Increase self-service tool adoption like paperless enrollment and autopay
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Support Billing

Video-powered experiences proactively clarify moments of confusion around billing complexity by explaining how a bill is structured, recent changes to plans or coverage and by providing instructions for setting up payments. By providing individualized customer support in an easily digestible manner, moments of doubt and stress are turned into positive and comforting interactions.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Reduce inbound call volume and related expenses
  • Increase uptake on digital tools like autopay and paperless billing
  • Reduce the cost of care and early churn
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Provide Customer Care

Provide unsurpassed care to customers when they need it most. Alleviate moments of friction by troubleshooting service issues and provide on-demand assistance at any time using interactive and personalized video-powered experiences, fostering trust, brand loyalty, and ensuring positive results.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Lift in Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Reduce inbound call volume and related care expenses
  • Reduce the cost of care and early churn
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Grow Customer Loyalty

Immersive video-powered experiences foster loyalty by providing customers with the knowledge they need to understand the full value and benefits in a moment of indecision. Whether it’s time to renew a contract or promote an upgrade, convey the full value of benefits and help smooth the moment of choice with perfectly personalized recommendations.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Increase brand footprint in a household
  • Reduce customer churn

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