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Customer Experiences
for Insurance

Support never stops. Insurance industry leaders transform CX engagement with video-powered experiences (VX) that provide proactive and valuable policyholder information when it’s needed most.

0 point increase in Net Promoter Score
0% increase in understanding the claims process
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Authentic Results

We've seen a really incredible transformation in the way our customers interact with us by the use of video-powered experiences.

Richard Hawkins VP Marketing at Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance
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Drive Quote Completions & Bindings

Help potential policyholders make the best decisions for their future. By using video-powered experiences to educate, clarify, and offer relevant promotions, insurance companies minimize abandonment and improve quote conversions during moments of decision. Bring the most value to prospect interactions, and start on the path to a productive long-term relationship.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Decrease quote abandonment
  • Increase conversions and effective costs per acquisitions
  • Drive return site visitors
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Welcome & Onboard Policyholders

Create positive connections from the very start of your customer relationships. Our video-powered CX solutions offer a warm welcome and guide new insurance policyholders through onboarding and relevant value-added services. Provide the important information every policyholder needs at those crucial moments of introduction to foster positive impressions from the get-go.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Increase retention and policy renewal rates
  • Reduce contact center costs
  • Drive Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT)
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Support the Claims Process

Be a strength for your customers when they need you most. Simplify and minimize the stress of the insurance claims process with a video-powered customer experience that guides claimants through every step and answers their most pressing questions during moments of confusion and frustration. With relevant, individualized information, convey to each policyholder your consideration for their well-being.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Reduce insurance claims settlement time
  • Increase digital adoption and CSAT
  • Reduce inbound support calls and related costs
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Retain Policyholders through Renewals

Be proactive to strengthen customer relationships pre-contract renewal. Our CX videos for insurance leaders use individual information to help policyholders at moments of decision during the renewal process. Answering questions and delivering important policy and account information through a dynamic customer experience smoothes the way to loyalty and lasting relationships.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Increase renewal rates through digital channels
  • Increase CSAT and customer retention
  • Increase J.D. Power ratings and NPS

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