SundaySky enables industry-leading platforms, providers and partners to empower businesses to personalize communications at every stage of the customer lifecycle, setting a new standard for effective customer engagement. SundaySky’s partner ecosystem is comprised of purposeful, strategic relationships to help our customers effectively realize the benefits of personalized video. While each of our partners is unique, the common goal is their intent to empower customer-centric companies to acquire, onboard, support and retain customers in a more compelling way, positioning them for differentiated and enhanced experiences throughout the consumer journey.


Types of partners may include:

  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution providers
  • Customer Communications Management (CCM) software platforms
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Video-centric technology platforms
  • System Integrators and strategic consultants
  • Unique vertical or industry-specific system providers


Partner Programs

SundaySky developed comprehensive partner programs to support the needs of our existing and future customers. Each program achieves the necessary pursuit and delivery enablement needs of our carefully selected partners. Eligibility for each program is based on distinct criteria and approval by SundaySky leadership.

Private-Label Partners

SundaySky enables Private-Label Partners to extend their current solutions with personalized video, affording new top-line revenue streams and unique competitive differentiation. These partnerships may involve platform-to-platform integrations, but are always centered on go-to-market empowerment through private-label. Customers benefit from a powerful combination of SundaySky’s personalized video best practices, and our partner’s horizontal and/or vertical expertise within an industry.

Strategic Resell Partners

SundaySky’s Resell Partners vary in nature, but collectively aim to educate and introduce the innovative power of personalized video to their customers. Such partners bring unique client relationships to the table, and after thoughtful alignment of interests and value, we jointly agree to pursue specific opportunities. SundaySky carefully selects Resell Partners by prioritizing unique value and synergy, ensuring the partnership is greater than the sum of its parts.

Customer Referral Partners

We can’t be in all places, at all times – so we rely on our Referral Partners to introduce personalized video to their clients. SundaySky enables Referral Partners to position themselves as a trusted advisor to the customer, while we lead the personalized video planning and deployment process.