Director of Strategic Partnership

SundaySky is the leader in the personalized video marketplace. A 10-billion-dollar industry growing at more than 10% per year. At SundaySky we bring our vision for data usage and personalized story-telling via video to market-leading, customer-centric Enterprises. In order to meet growing market activity, a key focus for us is to forge deep partnerships with leading companies that will enable accelerated growth. The primary desired outcome of this area of the business is having the SundaySky platform embedded in the partner’s core GTM infrastructure in 2019 and beyond.

The “Strategic Partnerships” group at SundaySky is responsible for coordinating the company’s major partnership activities and ensuring we approach partners with a single voice. It identifies partnership opportunities and formulates partnership policies and strategies, while negotiating key partner agreements.

Position Overview:

The Director of Strategic Partnerships will help develop SundaySky’s strategic vision and key relationships within partners to foster innovation and growth.

We are looking for a smart, qualified person to execute, develop, and continue to drive our priorities within our named strategic partner accounts. Specifically, he/she will work closely with the VP of Strategic Partnerships to identify areas where our partnership opportunities can accelerate the growth of both companies. Having a successful history of both identifying and executing mutually-beneficial partnerships is a key requirement. These may include, but are not limited to technology partnerships and/or go-to-market partnerships.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop and support relationships that have been defined by SundaySky with named accounts to further execute on prioritized goals.
  • Understand SundaySky’s strategic goals and connect them with defined account opportunities.
  • Support partnership agreements that support SundaySky’s business goals.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key Partner personnel, and stay apprised of organizational changes, decision rights, reporting structures, etc...
  • Communicate partner intelligence and partnership opportunities to key stakeholders at SundaySky.
  • Support overall and detailed aspects of the partnerships including but not limited to, negotiating deal terms, gaining executive buy-in, and managing implementation of pursuit and/or delivery enablement plans.
  • Work with Product/R&D to define integration opportunities as defined with the VP of Strategic Partnerships.
  • Work with our Analytics team to report on key metrics and communicate internally the effectiveness of Partnership.

Essential Skills Include:

  • Understanding of key issues and trends in the Advertising and Marketing Technology sectors
  • Ability to create, find and continue partnerships with key stake-holders in and out of the company
  • Ability to manage multi-part projects with multiple stakeholders, driving them to completion
  • Ability to explain business issues and communicate goals clearly
  • Ability to articulate a business-case vision, but also support the construction of a detailed plan for and with the Partners
  • Ability to understand frameworks for technology integrations
  • Proven ability to manage strategic and product-related issues in an ever-changing, digital world
  • Proactive, collaborative, self-motivated and execution-oriented
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to interact with varying levels of colleagues, customers and partners (e.g. from basic customers with product questions to management levels at partnership companies) 


  • Bachelor Degree required
  • 3+ years in a strategic / corp development role within the digital marketing world
  • 5+ years in a business development / partner ecosystem role within the digital marketing world


  • Preferred location: Bay Area

What do we most value in a team member?

Based on the culture of the company, how our team operates and the skill set required to excel at SundaySky - there are a number of character traits that matter. There is no such super human with all of these :), but the list below provides you with some direction on the type of people we seek out:

  • Intelligent - grey matter matters - devour our sophistication via an advanced blend of intelligence, consultative skills and strategic thinking
  • Insightful - ask smart questions and listen well - for both the literal answers and the motivations / ambitions / fears that underpin them
  • Leader - inspire and positively influence people over whom you have no authority, both internally and externally
  • Collaborative - 180 degrees removed from a ‘lone wolf’ - you will continuously need to collaborate effectively with lots of people if you want to kill your number
  • Disciplined - manage, organize and constantly re-prioritize many, many open tasks - comfortable with an Inbox that’s never at 0
  • Communicator - authoritative, crisp and impactful written and oral communication skills that enable decision making and execution
  • Confident - make and successfully execute decisions with incomplete information involving messy customer politics and sometimes challenging personalities
  • Presence - natural / innate ability to own a room or web meeting of people or a 1 on 1 conversation - in person or remote - you’re the person that has obviously “got this”
  • Trust - strong desire and ability to build and maintain high-trust relationships
  • Growth Mindset - embraces challenges, seeks constructive feedback, continuously strives to improve and enthusiastically celebrates the success of others
  • Personality - blend easily into teams and relationships - we’re not curing diseases here, let’s work hard, but let’s all have fun and not take ourselves too seriously
  • High Character - non-negotiable - must have a strong compass with regard to simply being a solid human being - you know it when you see it

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