Product Manager


We are looking for an entrepreneurial Product Manager who asks questions, and develops hypotheses, experiments, solutions to solve problems and deliver value back to users and stakeholders

What you'll do:

- Listen for customer needs and pain points. Ask questions to determine root causes and develop solution hypotheses

- Test your proposed solutions by collecting evidence. Plan and execute experiments and research.

- Create and manage user surveys, interviews, usability studies, and industry/competitive research and generate insights against your hypothesis

- Meet your audience where they are and paint (rather than tell) the future with effective visual/oral communication.

- Define backlog of solution priorities and roadmaps to generate business value

- Partner with product managers and R&D teams in Tel Aviv to implement and test products

- Partner with sales and marketing to launch products and enable users

What we're looking for:

- Excellent communicator

- Change maker with entrepreneurial mindset and experience in start-ups

- Empathy and collaboration enthusiast

- Work the details from the beginning, not just at the end

- Love showing your work often, because it’s how you get better

- Look the unknown and complexity in the eye—embrace the “impossible”

- Love technology, design, and coding/prototyping

Required experience and skills:

  • At least 3+ years of experience in product management
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, science, math, computer science or equivalent
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills - must be able to communicate technical concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Problem-solver with willingness and ability to absorb complex concepts quickly
  • Strong technical understanding of mobile and web software products
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis experience
  • Proven ability to lead teams and peers in a cross-functional environment

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