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Content Managers are the cornerstones of the SundaySky creative team. The skills they use to bring each personalized video to life are numerous. They possess the ability to convert a creative brief into coherent, crisp, engaging, branded video content in short order. But copywriting expertise is only half the battle. Our Content Managers are also blessed with logical minds. They employ strategic thinking and implementation skills each and every day. Simply put, not only do they write and plan our personalized videos, they build them, too.

To be a SundaySky Copywriter, you must love writing, of course, but beyond that, you must be adept at planning out and building an entire content experience from inception to the day the project goes live. That's right. You should be left AND right-brained. It's a tall order. Does that sound like you? Read on.

The office is located in NYC, but the position could also be remote.


It all starts with a creative brief that defines the project's messages and goals. You must translate this brief into a script that outlines multiple messaging pathways that combine to form a personalized video. This is the right brain part of the job. Once this is complete, you will need to fluently speak the language of logic as you build the video itself, and all its variations, in our one-of-a-kind video composition program. You will then test the project in every form to make sure it's waterproof before it launches. This is the left-brain part of the job.

A typical day as a Copywriter at SundaySky includes writing scripts, building messaging matrices, recording narrations, working closely with designers and animators, defining video logic, interfacing with clients, and much more.

Did we mention you'll be working with the world's biggest brands?

To be clear, this position requires a lot more than a traditional copywriting position does. You should enjoy being challenged regularly, learning new things that don't necessarily fall within the confines of a traditional Content Manager role, working with a driven team, and never getting too comfortable.


• 2 to 4 years of copywriting experience, preferably in advertising

• Experience with video or motion graphics

• Experience working with Fortune 500 companies

• Evidence of the ability to think logically

• Experience in the digital world and affinity to new technologies is a plus

Please attach portfolio or writing samples and a cover letter.

SundaySky is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Different makes us better.

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