Five Ways Brands Can Use Personalized Pre-Roll Ads

Yaniv Axen Thu Aug 8, 2013

Give consumers a better advertising experience with personalized pre-roll ads for brand and performance impact.

Positive Brand Impact and a Better Customer Experience with Pre-Roll Ads

Yaniv Axen Tue Aug 6, 2013

Contrary to Mo Al Adham’s opinion, pre-roll ads have the ability to deliver positive brand impact while driving customer engagement and acquisition.

4 More Ways to Use Retargeted Video Ads for Customer Acquisition

Yaniv Axen Mon Oct 29, 2012

Four additional ways SmartVideo for Retargeted Advertising can drive customer acquisition and support engagement initiatives.

When to Use 15-Second vs 30-Second Retargeted Video Ads

Rachel Eisenhauer Thu Oct 18, 2012

Specifics for when to use a 15 second or 30 second retargeted video ad for converting site abandoners.

4 Tips for Delivering Retargeted Video Ads

Rachel Eisenhauer Thu Sep 13, 2012

Retargeted video advertising is effective at converting customers. Here are 4 tips to enhance online video ads to maximize engagement and results.

7 Lessons For Perfecting Your Customer Engagement Strategies

Seth Marlowe Fri Sep 2, 2016

Consumers are sick of being constantly bombarded by brands – pop-up ads in their mobile apps, spam emails all day long and pre-roll ads that precede the…

Personalized Video and Transparency in a Programmatic Market

Jeff Hirsch Fri Jun 12, 2015

Programmatic advertising is growing rapidly around the world, and particularly in the UK. A forecast from Socintel360 indicates the UK programmatic ad market will be the third…

SmartVideo Summit Recap: The SmartVideo Viewer Experience

Guy Atzmon Thu May 8, 2014

VP Creative Guy Atzmon discusses the holistic SmartVideo experience from the viewer’s perspective.

The Anatomy of a Five-Star SmartVideo

Jonathon Ben Haim Mon Jun 17, 2013

Three key communication elements — what, how and who — are the makings of a powerful and high-performing SmartVideo.

Why Delivery Channels Matter for SmartVideo Success [Infographic]

Tony Kyberd Tue May 7, 2013

SundaySky’s Head of Customer Success reveals SmartVideo data gems and stats by delivery channels, from The SmartVideo Index: In Brief – Part 2.