The SmartVideo Marketing Cloud™

We combine the power of personalization with the emotion of video to transform customer relationships, one person at a time.

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"We can leverage SmartVideo across the customer lifecycle by using and reusing relevant scenes within the scene library"

Gary Williams

VP & Sr. Solutions Consultant, T.Rowe Price

"We're trying to always look at how we improve customer experience. SundaySky SmartVideo makes it easier for our customers to interact with us."

Marcie Townsen

Associate Director of Marketing, Verizon

"SundaySky has a robust platform that allows us to dynamically create video that is personalized for an individual customer, providing significant value to our policyholder, our agents and for us. "

Jerel Titus

Director of Agile Business Operations, Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance

Get Personal - design videos that elevate the viewer experience

In today’s busy world, linear, generic one-to-many videos don’t pack the punch needed to break through the clutter. Leading brands like Verizon, Citi Cards & Anthem use the SmartVideo Marketing Cloud™ to craft personalized videos that speak to the consumer at each and every touchpoint.

  • Design with data at the heart of your message
  • Power a cohesive viewer experience through Smart Timing
  • Guarantee industry – leading animations through our Adobe After Effects integration

A library that never collects dust

The most innovative marketers craft modular, data-driven stories as part of their global scene library, allowing for the reuse of scenes, logic and creative assets across brand programs.

  • Centralize video assets across your brand portfolio  
  • Mix and match scenes to meet program goals
  • Extend the shelf life of your marketing videos

Integrate data from any source

The SmartVideo Marketing Cloud’s™ flexible infrastructure allows marketers to easily pull in and activate data from any source, including first-party, second-party & third-party data.

  • Leverage existing integrations with leading web analytics, DMP, attribution, CRM and marketing automation partners
  • Create unique stories based on each individual’s profile, interests and behaviors
  • Power personalization using SundaySky’s proprietary SmartVideo marketing data
  • Protect your customer data through SSAE SOC II  & HIPAA certifications

Real-time rendering drives real-time behavior

SmartVideo moves at the speed of your customers and your data. Unlike other video marketing platforms, the moment the viewer clicks to play their video experience will be based on the most up-to-date information.

  • Inspire the next-best action utilizing the most relevant customer data
  • Mitigate privacy concerns by limiting stored data  
  • Save money by not storing thousands of video versions

SmartVideo everywhere, for everyone

SmartVideo makes complex communications easy, important information clear and inspires viewers to take the next-best action across paid and owned media channels.

  • Connect with your customers across email, SMS/MMS, on your website, in your portal and within your mobile app.  Learn more about our solutions across the customer lifecycle.
  • Encourage viewers to take the next-best action through programmatic video, Facebook, YouTube and OTT. Learn more about our paid media solutions.

Meaningful metrics that measure value

Move beyond the basics and drill down reporting into key video marketing metrics to measure value across your website, email, YouTube, Facebook and more. Derive insights about your customers, their preferences and the impact SmartVideo has on the customer experience.

  • Provide transparency to the organization
  • Empower the key stakeholders with data-rich video analytics and insights
  • Execute creative testing and optimize in real-time

Create, manage, deploy and measure personalized videos with ease using the SmartVideo Marketing Cloud™


Effortlessly create, manage, deploy and measure SmartVideo programs


A powerful Adobe AfterEffects authoring extension that enables data-driven video from the inventors of personalized video


The fastest and most scalable real-time video rendering engine in the world


The industry’s leading video player for data-driven video with interactivity and advanced analytics


The only performance-driven personalized video advertising solution optimized for Facebook, YouTube, and programmatic video

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