SundaySky’s solutions enable travel, hospitality and leisure companies to improve the guest experience and drive deeper loyalty. Through personalized videos, brands can effectively drive more bookings, support the customer travel journey and share key information about upcoming trips. SmartVideo has proven to deliver stronger results and greater efficiencies across the enterprise.

Welcome & Onboarding

Make a new customer feel welcome and special while reducing trip cancellations. Utilize SmartVideo to explain upcoming trips and activities, highlight special features or upcoming deals, and encourage any required customer actions or next steps. The result is a reduction in trip cancellation, increased engagement and brand preference.
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The SmartVideo Platform enables travel and hospitality brands to shift consumer interest away from competing sites by bringing consumers back with pre-roll ads generated in real time and personalized based on key data attributes. Because SmartVideo ads are personalized, created especially for each viewer, viewers visit the site, convert and spend more than equivalent consumers who do not view these video ads.
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Attract new guests and re-engage previous ones through the SmartVideo Platform by offering promotions, deals and benefits in a compelling and personalized way. Sharing property, price and upcoming event details drives higher bookings and return visits.
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