SundaySky’s solutions enable MSO providers and wireless carriers to sell new products and services, support subscribers through onboarding and billing explanations, and share information to drive education and utilization, delivering increased conversions, reduced care costs and churn rate, and increased stickiness and customer satisfaction. The result is more powerful personalized video experiences with proven business results and greater efficiencies across the enterprise.


SundaySky’s SmartVideo Platform enables telecommunications providers to target website abandoners who have demonstrated interest in a service, bundle or product, and drive them to conversion. Because SmartVideos are truly personalized and generated for each individual in real time, viewers visit the site, convert and spend more than equivalent consumers who do not view these personalized videos.
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Welcome & Onboarding

With SmartVideo, MSOs and wireless carriers are able to proactively onboard new subscribers with engaging and effective welcome experiences at various points through the first 90-120 days of a new relationship.The content of each SmartVideo is personalized to the individual to reflect the stage in the onboarding process, attributes of the new plan or device purchased, first or updated bill, value-added products and services, and any key actions that need to be taken. These experiences have proven to reduce early lifecycle churn rate and contact center cost, and positively impact Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction.
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Billing & Customer Care

Cable and wireless subscribers are easily confused by billing statements, which can lead to excessive support costs and churn, and create barriers to expanding customer relationships. SmartVideo allows telecommunications providers to proactively address the complexity of bill administration and explain charges to each subscriber in an easily digestible manner, ensuring the subscriber receives only relevant and important billing details. SmartVideo bills are also proven to increase stickiness and uptake on value-added services, such as paperless billing and autopay.

Retention & Loyalty

SmartVideo supports plan and service renewal, prepaid conversion, and promotional marketing strategies of MSOs and wireless carriers by leveraging profile, historical and situational data to create personalized video experiences for each subscriber or prepaid customer. SmartVideo is an engaging and effective way to drive up average revenue per account, combat churn and increase brand stickiness.
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