SundaySky’s solutions help online retailers sell new and additional products, support loyalty initiatives and share key information, making your brand more effective and more relevant. Delighting shoppers with powerful personalized videos achieves more revenue per customer, significant ROAS and advances brand advocacy.


With SmartVideo, online retailers acquire new customers and drive repeat purchases with highly targeted, personalized video ads that shift consumer interest away from competing sites and bring consumers back. Because SmartVideos are generated in real time and personalized based on key data attributes for each individual, viewers have proven to visit, convert and spend more than equivalent consumers who do not view these videos.
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Retention & Loyalty

Differentiated brand experiences allow online retailers to stay competitive, drive repeat purchases and capture more revenue per customer. Connecting with customers on an individual level is key to building and maintaining higher-value relationships, and leveraging SmartVideo in support of loyalty marketing initiatives means customers receive real-time, personalized video messages that drive their actions.
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