Retail banks use SundaySky solutions across a variety of banking customer touchpoints that impact relationships, performance and the bottom line. Personalized videos that upsell and cross sell relevant cards, support new and existing account holders, and teach customers to use digital tools first result in a differentiated customer experience. SmartVideo has proven to create more brand affinity while delivering strong results and greater efficiencies across the enterprise.

Welcome & Onboarding

SmartVideo drives activation and early utilization of a new credit card by welcoming account holders with personalized video experiences that proactively explain new account details, highlight digital tools and resources, and provide relevant cardholder offers. These stories support strategies that move banks to top of wallet while reducing call volume, gaining customer trust and increasing levels of brand engagement.
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Retention & Loyalty

Retail banks and financial institutions positively impact the customer experience with personalized videos that educate and support members through billing statement explanations, fraud alerts, savings education, rewards updates, card renewal and reissue processes. The SmartVideo Platform leverages account holder profile, and historical and situational data to deliver personally relevant experiences that connect with customers on an individual level and drive action to expand share of wallet.
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